Balloon Releases

Balloon Releases

Update on Balloon releases

Mad Parties Supplies will not supply balloons for release. We are members of PEBA (Pro-Environment Balloon Alliance) which members do not facilitate or participate in the release of balloons to the atmosphere.

We are truly sorry for your loss, but please dont get upset or offended if we say no to your request of supply balloons to release as we will not do this and havent since 2018.

This is classed as littering and harmful for the environment when balloons are released, no one knows where they will end up.

There are other alternatives to balloon releases, like bubbles, butterflies, doves etc.

Sorry that we have to post this on our website and Facebook, as we have had a few customers come in to ask for balloons to be released and have become offended when we have said no and then put negative feedback on google.

We are doing the right thing by not supplying balloons for release and hope you understand why we say no.

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