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Alpen’s coloured plastic tableware has been a key range for customers for 3 decades and still represents itself well in this category with some really positive benefits.

Did you know that our plastic tableware is both reusable & recyclable? 

Our plastic tableware is made from Polypropylene – this means that it is FREE FROM BPA, Styrene & DEHP! 

Polypropylene (PP) is rated by the Centre for International Environmental Law as amongst the safest of all tested plastics based on an assessment of the materials used to make it.
o No BPA – a harmful chemical that migrates to food through contact
o No Styrene – a harmful chemical that migrates to food through contact
o No DEHP – a harmful chemical that migrates to food through contact

Research has found that polypropylene is able to be combined with and/or more easily separated from, other plastics when collected for recycling than polystyrene. This means that products and packaging manufactured using propylene are more likely to be recycled than those made out of polystyrene, and less likely to impact on the recyclability of other plastics.

Being this recyclable means that this range is not “single use plastics”.  The plastics used can be reused and recycled, making them the best choice for plastic tableware!

Research has also found that the production of polypropylene generally generates between 40-50% less greenhouse gas emissions than polystyrene. Polypropylene has also been found to emit far less methane and ethylene (common greenhouse gases) during degradation (if littered) than polystyrene.

Our plastic tablecovers are also recyclable in your “soft plastics” recycling.  If you have used them as many times as you want and are ready to discard them, we recommend you cut them into A3 size pieces and return them to store with your other household soft plastics.

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